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Enhance your audience segments with location and context

Nikaza builds IoT sensors that are used for improving in-venue experiences. We help application developers deliver immersive in-venue experiences with precise location and context. We do not sell media nor sell branded segments. If you want to location-enable your campaigns or layer location signals to your existing audience segments, we are here to help with the best data sets in the market. We can help you create interest, intent and lifestyle segments based on accurate place visitation data collected over time. Our proprietary algorithms ensure location accuracy.

Campaign Attribution

Providing attribution with precision is the holy grail of marketing and Nikaza can help marketers map digital ads to users walking into a brick and mortar location via our Context Hub location platform. Send us your impression logs and we will do the rest by letting you know where people went offline after seeing your ads.

Use Cases

  • Custom Audience
  • Proximity-based Targeting
  • Retargeting
  • Campaign Attribution

Interested in enhancing your segments with location data?